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About Us

Planning Process

From the moment you begin your relationship with Targeted Financial Service, our priority is to provide you with the tools and guidance to achieve your goals. We incorporate a six-step planning process to evaluate your current situation, establish a gameplay and measure results.


We are a full-service independent financial services firm specializing in developing and maintaining your financial, estate and asset management plans. Many factors are assessed and reviewed prior to presenting a comprehensive plan with our clients including:

Investment Objectives

Investment Objectives - Through the implementation of creative, diversified and comprehensive investment plans, we strive to achieve your financial goals. Your personalized investment allocation is individualized to fulfill your stated investment objectives-including building your retirement “nest egg”, saving for college, planning your estate or managing your wealth.


Insurance - Insurance is a valuable and versatile planning tool. Properly utilized, life insurance can be a vehicle to liquidate closely held or family businesses, pay off debts and/or mortgages, act as evidence for IRS valuations and provide an income stream for those you leave behind. Disability coverage can lighten the financial burden when a key person is unable to work. This coverage provides replacement income and can also be utilized to cover business overhead expenses as well. As independent advisors, we have the flexibility to secure insurance from any number of carries, ensuring that you receive the proper “match” for your needs.

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care - According to recent studies, 6.4 million people aged 65 years or older require some sort of assistance to achieve daily activities. With Americans living longer, this dramatic statistic should increase over our lifetime. Certified in long-term care insurance,we have the experience and education to secure the proper amount of insurance for your lifetime needs.

College Savings

College Savings - There are a myriad of education programs to choose from. The key is to select not only the top-rated college savings plans in terms of annual performance, but the ones which offer you the best tax advantages (and sometimes deductions) as well. In most cases, we can provide you with a 529 college savings plan which offers performance and tax benefits to suit your investment goals.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning - To efficiently produce an estate plan, you need a team of advisors ranging from estate attorneys, to tax specialists, to wealth preservationists. Think of us as the “point guard” of that team. Through our vast network of professionals, we can formulate a plan for your estate, as well as orchestrate a harmonious working relationship amongst that group of professionals. We can help you determine the most appropriate use of trusts, gifting programs and foundations to best build your legacy and reduce future taxes. 


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Targeted Financial Services
960 Holmdel Road Building #2
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Phone: 732-750-9880
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