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Over the years, the members of Targeted Financial Services have been featured on television, podcasts, magazine articles and trade publications. Their vast knowledge of the financial industry and expertise in various aspects of business succession planning have made them key contributors in the articles enclosed. All of the Targeted Financial partners are available to the media for quotes, soundbites or interviews and can be reached by contacting Jill Gibb at 732-750-9880 ext. 107    ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Targeted Financial Services Named to Financial Advisor Magazine’s Top 500 Firms

Targeted Financial Services (TFS) is proud to be recognized by Financial Advisor Magazine as one of the top 500 Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms in the country. The list, published in the magazine’s most recent issue, identifies and ranks leading independent RIA firms from across the nation. Please click title above to view.

Horse Trading and Stock Trading

Jonathan Green and Alan Rubin have managed to combine the high stakes worlds of thoroughbred horse racing and financial planning.

Horse Sense

Jonathan Green and Alan Rubin have built a successful business serving a highly specialized market niche - the thoroughbred industry.

On the Fast Track

A Longtime love of the thoroughbred industry made this New Jersey advisor a winner in Lexington.

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Targeted Financial Services
960 Holmdel Road Building #2
Holmdel, NJ 07733

Phone: 732-750-9880
Fax: 732-750-1004